Band Members

Steve Williams – Lead / Rhythm guitars & Vocals. Steve is a native Virginian and like many others, was inspired to learn to play guitar after seeing The Beatles on the Ed  Sullivan Show many years ago. His first Beatles Tribute, The Fabtones, was based in Austin,  Texas in 1992. After moving to Florida in 2009, Steve joined another Tribute called Across  the Universe, based in Hollywood, followed by another incarnation of The Fabtones in Naples  in 2016.
Steve formed Day Tripper in the fall of 2020. Their goal is to  reproduce The Beatles repertoire as accurately as possible and to transport you back to the  1960’s for an evening of incredible music.

Jeff Dalton – Bass Guitar & Vocals.
Much like Steve and Tony – Jeff has a long history of playing in Beatles tribute bands and bands that focus exclusively on music from the 60’s – he even got to play at Liverpool’s Cavern Club in 1995 ! Jeff was a past member of “Creme Tangerine” and “Octopus’s Garden” so teaming up with Day Tripper was an easy choice.
When he’s not doing his best to sound like Mr. McCartney – Jeff writes and records his own material You can find him at: (shameless plug)

Rock Lynn – Keyboards & Vocals.
A resident of Florida since 1990, Rock has played with numerous local bands working to faithfully recreate many of the historic musical sounds of the 60’s and 70’s. Joining Day Tripper gives Rock the opportunity to explore the variety and depth of the Beatles catalogue and lets the band recreate such classics as Eleanor Rigby. Rock uses a Nord Electro keyboard which allows him to condense a full orchestra into a 22lb unit !

Rich WilliamsDrums & Vocals. Originally from London, Rich spent many years playing loud rock music on the UK pub-rock circuit (not much Beatles music was played). Day Tripper‘s more melodic and musical approach is a welcome change !!
“The best part of playing with Day Tripper is looking up from the kit and watching a sea of people singing, dancing and smiling….. “
Rich plays a DW / Roland V-Drum hybrid kit.